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Palisade Field Observations

Sulutionsn has conducted two field observations with Palisade to date.  The results have been great in both cases.  In the first field observations stocker cattle were given access to Palisade or were on a non-additive control.  Both mineral formulas were the same except for adding Palisade. 

Stockers given Palisade had increased ADG by 0.14 lbs./day.  The fecal ash corrected NDF or “digestible fiber” was reduced in the stockers given Palisade in both April and June.  The improvements were 6.5% less aNDF in April and 4.8% less in June. 

This field observation was followed up with a similar field observation but using cows grazing dormant native range.  In this case the aNDF was reduced by 7.3%.  These field observations show that Palisade is helping the animal get more out of the forage they are consuming.

Liquid Feed Symposium

Sulutionsn will be attending the Liquid Feed Symposium September 12-14, 2023, in Louisville, KY.  We are looking forward to meeting with our industry partners at this event.  


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